A Dog Wheelchair that's Environmentally Friendly

Mark C. Robinson is a LEED Accredited Professional from the US Green Building Council.

These days, all manufacturers need to consider how environmentally friendly their products are.  Dog wheelchairs are no exception. There are a number of these dog carts on the market from companies like HandicappedPets.com, DogKarts.com, Walkin' Wheels, Eddie's Wheels, Canine Carts, Doggon Wheels, Ruff Rollin' and more. Most of them are older-style custom dog wheelchairs that are built specifically for the handicapped dog. One of them, the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is recognized as the most environmentally friendly.


Part of the "Environmentally Friendly" rating of a product has to do with its life cycle. "Life Cycle" has to do with how long the product is useful before it needs to be discarded. Because Walkin' Wheels is the only dog wheelchair that can be used again and again, re-adjusted (without needing tools) for one dog after another, it has the longest possible life cycle.

This photo, from a veterinary hospital, shows what happens to old dog wheelchairs when they can't be folded away or adjusted for other dogs.
A bunch of dog wheelchairs from Eddies Wheels, K-9 Carts, Doggon Wheels.

A bunch of Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs when not in use.

This makes Walkin' Wheels the most environmentally friendly wheelchair because it can be re-used again and again on dogs of all sizes.

This product life-cycle also gives it the lowest "Total Cost of Ownership" of any wheelchair. Because it is so adjustable, it is easy to resell a used Walkin' Wheels on ebay, Amazon, or the HandicappedPets.net classifieds site. Often, these used wheelchairs will sell for 75% of their new cost -- which means, when you no longer need your Walkin' Wheels, you can often get most of your money back.

Environmentally Friendly also refers to packaging. When a product comes in a box that is discarded, that creates waste. The Walkin' Wheels box is intended to be used to transport the wheelchair when not in use. It has a carrying handle and inserts inside the box to hold the folded dog cart.

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Box

Overall, for Environmentally Friendliness, the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair gets the highest marks in the industry for Product Lifecycle, Lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and Packaging.